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A B O U T  A V R I I

     Avrii Castle was Born and raised in Miami, Fl to Cuban parents. After graduating High School he wanted to further develop his love and passion for music, so he moved to Sydney, Australia for 2 years to study songwriting. Upon his return to the states he wanted to perfect his craft. So he packed up his things once more and headed to the WestCoast; Los Angeles where continued to song write and hone his artistry, finally residing in his home city of Miami, FL. 


     With a creative blend of R&B and Pop, Avrii has certainly developed a unique and refreshing sound. His influences span across generations, from Usher to Al Jarreau, Brian McKnight to The Weeknd, Stevie Wonder to Chris Brown. He has been able to take the styles and sounds of these iconic artists to make something completely different and all his own.



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